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The Project : Majesty
a novel by JMH
First Post. 
1st-Jan-2009 05:09 pm
bb. evil laugh
Welcome to the new community :)

As it's so fresh I'm not quite sure what to write or how to write it but once I get my head around moving house, two presentations, and the fact I will have to send my laptop away for a month to be repaired (whine!) I'm sure I'll settle in to updating on progress or sometimes lack of with this novel.

I say novel. I should say book. Novel sounds all posh but it's in the community name now so I can't change it.

BASICALLY I am Jade, currently 21, in England, with nothing better to do than play God by thinking up characters and various ways to ruin their livelihoods. It's just that this particular story with have supernatural demon-things in it to help with that process. I'm very much into character development and story, so you won't have mary-sues or gary-stus or any other cliché'd frinks in this. Hopefully.

More details on plot and story will be put in the profile of the community soon but I'll post an update once I've done that and ironed out the details. I will tell you I HAVE done the first chapter, and I'm halfway through the second. More info as I get it.

For now though, sit back, spread the word, aaand wait for me to write something. :)
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